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Black smoker - MARUM
MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Bremen
Black smoker in 2,980 meters of wa­ter on the Mid-At­lantic Ridge.

Researcher shows possible origin of life

Tue Hassenkam tries to understand what life is by recreating life from the building blocks of minerals and not living materials. When Jens Degett visited him last year, Tue Hassenkam had just made a very exciting discovery, which has only been published now. Hear what a discovery Tue has made and better understand the basic preconditions of life.

Science journalist Jens Degett from Science Stories interviews Tue Hassenkam from the Section for Geobiology at the University of Copenhagen (in Danish).

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For those who want to know more, we have attached the article that Tue Hassenkam has published, and just this week there is another article in the journal Nature, which deals with the same theory of the origin of life.