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Jens Degett

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Chris Heller

Jens Degett is the editor in chief of Science Stories, a science media platform he created in 2019. A biologist by training, he is a science journalist since 1990. He started the radio program Studie 2000, the most popular program on Channel 1 of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). He was the anchor of the radio program Harddisken and made feature programs for Orienteering, Radioavisen, the TV newspaper, etc.

In 2000, he became Head of Communications of the European Science Foundation (ESF) in Strasbourg. In 2005, he was the director of an EU project on health and food research in developing countries (EAGLES) while based in Madrid, Spain.

Jens Degett has been a freelance science journalist, writing for Nature and other magazines and created The EuroScientist in 2006. One of the founders of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF), he created the European Conference for Science Journalist (ECSJ) in conjunction with ESOF2014 in Copenhagen.

He is President of EUSJA (European Union of Science Journalists Associations) and formerly the chairman of the Danish Science Journalists’ Association.

Programs by Jens Degett