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a Moon home in Greenland
SAGA Space Architects

[Rerun] Lunark: A Danish lunar habitat

In a large workshop in Amager, two young Danish space architects are preparing for a three-month expedition to one of the most inhospitable places on earth: Arctic Greenland. Here, they will test their first self-designed lunar habitat, LUNARK, where temperatures can reach minus 50 degrees Celsius and wind hurricane strength.

Morten Remar visited Sebastian Aristotle and Karl Johan Sørensen at their humble office in Istedgade in Copenhagen (in Danish).

The result of the experiment can now be seen in a series on DR2 +, but the prelude and preparations must be heard in this Science Stories podcast from September 2019.

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This podcast was produced with support from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

You can see several of the architects' works, a Mars lab, a Lunar Power Solution and not least a Mars station, powered by static electricity.

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The Circadian Lights  is a completely automated system developed in-house to aid in human well-being in extreme environments. Listen to Science Stories interview Nobel laureate Michael Rosbash on the influence of light on our circadian rythm.

Watch DR2+ documentary series: "The experiment: 60 days on the moon in the Lunark in Greenland