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[Rerun] Knowledge that works

In relation to the recent debate about DR's support for conspiracy theories and deniers of knowledge in their program "Ellen Imellem", we found it appropriate to republish this podcast about how difficult it can be to accept documented knowledge.

There are plenty of examples of important research being overlooked and forgotten. Sometimes it has cost enormous sums of money and thousands of lives to ignore available knowledge. But how difficult can it be to understand and use important knowledge?  Work environment expert Per Malmros gives examples of how the way to use knowledge is long and complicated, and that research often does not provide clear answers as one might wish.  Science Journalist Jens Degett interviewed Per Malmros (in Danish).

Per Malmros has written a book on the topic "Virden der virker" which is published by Frydenlund. He has also contributed to the book "Mobilization of research-based knowledge of working environments"  from Roskilde University Publishers.

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The podcast was produced with support from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

More information about DR's "fake" interview of Anja C. Andersen (in Danish):