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a wolf
Timothy Brown on Unsplash

[Rerun] Bengt Holst 4: On the release of animals, rewilding and invasive species

In this fourth program  (in Danish) with Science Journalist Jens Degett and Deputy Director Bengt Holst, we hear about research that is a prerequisite for releasing animals into the wild. Bengt Holst talks about the golden lion tamarins in Brazil, about the wolf in Denmark, about rewilding and about invasive species in the wild.

Bengt Holst worked at the Copenhagen Zoo since he graduated as a biologist in 1983. From 1994 - 2020 he was deputy director and scientific director. From 1993 -1999, Bengt Holst together with Joachim Jerrik, Jens Degett and later Jerk Langer participated in a weekly radio program (Studie 2000) about science on DR P1.

The podcast, which was recorded in 2020, is the last of a series on research and development in zoological gardens. Bengt Holst retired shortly after the broadcast series was recorded.

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