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conformal transformation
Sir Roger Penrose
Conformal transformation

Big Bang challenged by Conformal Cyclic Cosmology

We are used to think about the universe as a structure which started with a Big Bang and then expanded. Sir Roger Penrose, who received the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics, has developed an alternative theory of the universe based on Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity which is called "Conformal Cyclic Cosmology". In this new model we don’t have one single Big Bang, but an iteration of infinite cycles (or aeons) of expansion and cooling, each beginning with a “big bang” and ending in a “big crunch”.

Science Journalist Jens Degett interviews Professor Niels Obers from the Niels Bohr Institute on Roger Penrose’s theory and how much evidence is needed in order to change the general view of a central paradigm which is written in our school textbooks. What if Penrose is right? What consequences or perspectives will it have for us?

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