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a desktop with a Mac, a cup of coffee, pens, a notepad and a magnifying glass
Ian Dooley on Unsplash

Researcher's desk

Line Fris Frederiksen has always been fascinated by the researchers' desks when she visits them. Some abound with stacks of paper threatening to topple off the table. Of small plastic suction pipes and models of organs. Or of skulls, dried animals and pottery brought home from distant lands and now collecting dust.

Other desks are neatly cleaned and adorned only by the computer screen, a single research article and a pointed pencil. Each time, she has thought about what that desk said about the researcher she spoke to. About their way of doing research. About their research. About their passion. In this small series, Line visits a number of different researchers to hear (in Danish) what's on their desk, why it's there - and what it says about their research.

# 1 Eske Willerslev

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