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The water we drink and use

Litteraturhuset i Nybrogade 28, KBH
22.10.19   19:25 - 21:30

Can we rely on our drinking water? Hans-Jørgen Albrechtsen talks about the quality of the drinking water or lack of the same in Denmark. About differences in drinking water in different parts of the country. About bacteria, pesticides, fluorine and calcium and what else is found in drinking water.

We will discuss water treatment and how dangerous it can be to treat the water yourself. What the future looks like in terms of drinking water. How is the groundwater? What about all the other liquids we drink?

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Hans-Jørgen Albrechtsen is a trained biologist and is a professor at the DTU Environment - Department of Water and Environmental Technology at the Technical University of Denmark. He has primarily researched in groundwater and drinking water for microbiology, water quality and water treatment to remove contaminants, for example pesticides.