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Waves in water
Kai Dahms on Unsplash

Water - the strangest substance in the Universe

Literature House, Nybrogade 28, CPH
25.09.19   19:25 - 21:30

Water behaves in many ways differently than any other substance we know. Water expands in its solid form and floats on top as it freezes to ice. It's just one of the approximately 45 strange properties that only water has.

This salon will also provide answers to: Where does our water come from here on earth? Why is water and life always connected? What makes water special? What can water and why is it so suitable as a "host" for biology? What can a water molecule and what can two? Can water remember? What is Heavy Water? Do we understand water? And much more.

billede on Søren Rud Keiding
Søren Keiding

Søren Keiding is Vice Dean for Research at the Science and Technology Faculty, Aarhus University. He is a professor of physical chemistry and has worked, among other things, to develop very short light pulses (femtoseconds) that can be used to study the role of water in chemical reactions.