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a brain floting in a blue backgroynd
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[Rerun] My digital brain damage II

Has it become difficult to read novels? Have we become screen zombies who can do nothing but stare at the screens on all our digital platforms? Science Journalist Charlotte Koldbye investigated why she suddenly could no longer read novels.

In this podcast, it is the brain researcher Jesper Mogensen who has examined our collective attention. . How can you go from being a devious reading horse who has been through several novels at one time to being unable to read a book? How many of us feel this way? Does digital media ruin our ability for deep thinking and thus the ability to read novels? And what does it do to the brain? Is there anything wrong with the novels? We consult the experts about digital brain damage.

Charlotte Koldbye talks (in Danish) to Jesper Mogensen, professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Copenhagen.

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The podcast was produced with support from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.