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The skeleton of Tristan Otto
Frederik Wolff Teglhus, Natural History Museum of Denmark ©.
Tristan Otto (T. rex)

DinoPodcast 6: The royal line

Antje Poulsen nerds about the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs together with In an interview with paleontologist Bent Lindow from the Natural History Museum of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen (in Danish). They name the southernmost of the five big T. Rexs and talk about their brains, their teeth and discuss whether they actually had feathers.

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Tristan Otto, one of the world’s most spectacular Tyrannosaurus rex fossils, can be seen in the exhibition King of Dinosaurs of the Natural History Museum of Denmark. Through him, and a number of other unique dinosaur fossils, the story of Earth’s past, present and future unfolds.